The First Thing To Do With New Running Shoes

Green Superfeet insolesThe first thing that I do when I get new running shoes is throw out the standard insoles that came with them and replace them with a pair of Green Superfeet Insoles. 

I do this for a number of reasons.  The Superfeet insoles provide better cushioning, arch support, and help keep my foot from moving around inside the shoe.  This lets the shoe do the job that it was designed to do, protect my feet from the impact of the road.

Although the Superfeet insoles run $30-35, they are well worth it.  They are very durable and can last though several pairs of shoes. 

The Green Superfeet insoles are for folks with medium to high arches.  Blue Superfeet insoles are designed for people with low to medium arches.  There are also Superfeet insoles designed specifically for wide feet and for women’s feet.

My son, who is running cross country this fall, has had some heel pain, probably due to the rapid increase in training mileage.  I got him some Green Superfeet Insoles and his heel pain went away within a week. 

Have you tried Superfeet insoles?  Do you recommend another type of insole?  Tell me in the comments.

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