Hate Handheld Water Bottles?

Nathan SprintI don’t like running with a handheld water bottle.  I don’t like the extra weight at the end of my arm.  If I have to carry fluids, I’d much rather carry them strapped to my waist or to my back. If you have ever exercised with Heavyhands, you know how much harder a simple workout can be with a little extra weight in your hands.

My friend and neighbor, Randy, does his long runs with a handheld water bottle and swears by it.  I finally gave in and bought the lightest, most comfortable handheld bottle I could find, the Nathan Sprint.

It holds 10 ounces of fluid and has a race cap with a high flow, one-way valve.  It has a thin mesh hand strap that doesn’t require you to grip the bottle.  If you need a handheld bottle with a little more capacity, the Nathan Quickdraw Elite (22 oz) is a good choice.

I’ve run with it and it feels pretty good.  My hand doesn’t get tired and I really didn’t feel effect of the weight on my arm, either.  The one-way valve works well and delivers fluids in short bursts, as needed. 

What types of handheld bottles do you use?  Tell me in the comments.

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