Monitor Your Heart Rate Through Your Ears - No Chest Strap

Motorola SF700In conjunction with the release of its new MOTOACTV Fitness Monitor, Motorola has introduced a set of headphones that measure your heart rate through your ears, instead of using a chest strap.  

The Bluetooth wireless Motorola SF700 headphones provides audible feedback about your heart rate and transmits the data to your MOTOACTV device for recording and analysis. 

The Motorola SF700 headphones are priced at $149.99.  A wired version, the Motorola SF500 is available at $99.99.  These prices are expensive for headphones and for heartrate monitor straps.  In my opinion, they are aimed at people who want the very latest technology or who hate the heart rate monitor chest strap.  

Would you buy a headphone that measures your heart rate?  How much would you be willing to pay?  Tell me in the comments.

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  1. sayhellotocindy said: If they offered the wireless version for $99 I would buy these. I don’t like wearing a chest strap. And I love wireless headphones while running.
  2. how2runfast posted this

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