Free the Track!

Fenced TrackI travel a lot on business and sometimes I search out a track to run a few intervals on.  If I don’t know the area, I pull up Google Maps and search for the familiar oval shape in satellite mode.

A while back, when I was traveling in Ohio, I found a track on Google Maps not far from my hotel.  I got up early and drove to the track, only to find that it was locked!  Signs were posted, indicating that it was not open to the public.  I was outraged!

Not scared off by the warning signs, I scaled the 7 foot high chain link fence that surrounded it, gouging a chunk out of my hand in the process.  I ripped of a few angry laps, completed my workout, and went back to my hotel to bandage my hand. 

In my opinion, tracks like this should be open to everyone.  What do you think?  Have you found any tracks that need to be set free?  Tell me in the comments.

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