Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners - $50 to $150

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about some gifts for the runners on your list (and maybe to drop some hints for yourself).  Here are some holiday gift ideas from $50 to $150.


Timex IRONMAN 150-Lap Tap Screen WatchIf someone on your list likes to do a lot of interval training on the track, the new Timex IRONMAN 150-Lap Tap Screen Watch is a great gift.  Tapping anywhere on the watch face activates the lap timers.  The Lap Management System records every lap for review later.  The watch can also tell you whether you are ahead or behind your target time for the lap.  It also has separate alarms for nutrition and hydration for folks who participate in marathons, ultramarathons, or triathlons. 

Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT1 Heart Rate MonitorYou can certainly spend a lot of money on a dedicated heart rate monitor, but I prefer a GPS Watch with a Heart Rate Monitor.  If your runner isn’t interested in a GPS watch, or they already have one and want to monitor their heart rate during indoor workouts on Polar-compatible exercise equipment, the new Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor is a good choice.  It has a large, easy-to-read display

GPS Watches

There are a couple of good GPS watches on the market for under $150. 

The Garmin Forerunner 205 currently sells for about $120.  It has all the features you might need in a GPS watch, except a Heart Rate Monitor. 

The Garmin Forerunner 305 with Heart Rate Monitor currently sells for under $150.  I use this model now and love it.  I think it’s a great value at this price.


Tifosi Slip SunglassesAlthough we don’t typically think about winter as a time to buy sunglasses, the winter wind and the glare from snow and ice can be tough on the eyes. 

The most popular brand of sunglasses for running is Tifosi.  They make very good sunglasses in the $50-60 range, considerably less than Nike sunglasses.  Tifosi also has a very nice High Speed Red Fototec lens that changes from light to dark very quickly, as conditions change.


Vibram FiveFingers BIKILAIf your runner hasn’t jumped on the “barefoot running” bandwagon yet, you might consider getting them a pair of Vibram FiveFinger BILIKA's or Nike Free Run+ shoes.  The BIKILA’s come in European sizes and are a little tricky to fit, so make sure you can return them, if necessary.

Bike Trainer

Schwinn Magnetic Bike TrainerIf your runner is looking to get in a little cross-training this winter and already has a bike, you might consider getting them a magnetic bike trainer.  You can spend quite a bit on these, but the Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer has received good reviews and only costs around $100. 

What’s on your holiday gift list this year?  Tell me in the comments.

Watch for tomorrow’s post on gift ideas between $150 and $400.

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