2010 Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners - Stocking Stuffers

There are a lot of fun, inexpensive items that you put in your runner’s stocking.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Clif Shot Energy GelIf the runner on your list is training for a marathon, you might want fill their stocking with an assortment of their favorite brand of gel.  If they don’t have a favorite brand, you might check to see what brand of gel is being provided on the course of their next marathon and get that one.  They will appreciate your race savvy and it will help them to get used to the gels that will be available on the course and choose what flavor they like best.  There are several excellent gels on the market including PowerBar, GU, and Clif Shot.  GU even has some holiday flavors available this season: Vanilla Gingerbread and Mint Chocolate.

Sport Beans

Sport BeansIf your runner doesn’t like Gels, they might like Sport Beans, the sports version of jelly beans.  The main difference between regular jelly beans and Sport Beans (beside the price) is the added electrolytes and vitamins.

Shot Bloks/GU Chomps/Gel Blasts

PowerBar Gel BlastsSome people prefer to chew on gummy Clif Shot Bloks, GU Chomps, or liquid-filled PowerBar Gel Blasts

Nuun Tablets

If your runner likes to run with just water and electrolytes, instead of Gatorade, Nuun tablets might be just the thing to slip into their stocking. 

KT Tape

KT TapeIf your runner has had an injury, you can show that you care by buying them some KT Tape.  Used correctly, KT Tape can provide them with the additional support they need to help them run safely through an injury, until they are fully recovered.


If your runner sometimes complains of sore muscles, some Salonpas patches or Air Salonpas spray might be a good choice for their stocking.

Body Glide

Body GlideAny runner who goes for long runs will appreciate some Body Glide in their stocking.  It prevents chafing and, when used on feet, can prevent blisters.

What’s do you want in your stocking this year?  Tell me in the comments.

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