Can Baby Food Fuel Your Next Ultramarathon?

Baby Gourmet Baby FoodSome veteran ultra-marathoners, including Mike “The Trail Guy” Suminski and Moe “The Eagle” Beaulieu have been using Baby Gourmet baby food pouches to fuel themselves during training and races. 

Ultra-marathoners are constantly looking for good-tasting, easy-to-digest foods to help them maintain their energy levels during their races and long training runs.  Baby food is an unusual choice, but Baby Gourmet’s convenient, squeezable pouches make them easy to carry and use on the road or on the trail.

I tried several varieties of Baby Gourmet baby food and found that they taste very good. The 4.5 oz (128 g) pouches contain between 60-120 calories and 16-28 g of carbohydrates, depending on the variety you choose. 

A typical energy gel is more “energy-dense” containing 100 calories and 24 g of carbohydrates, but weighing only 34 g.  While you can carry several gels the pockets of your running shorts or in your fuel belt, it would be difficult to carry more than one or two of the Baby Gourmet pouches. If you plan to use them, you might want to run with fanny pack or have a support crew to hand them to you.

Baby Gourmet is all natural and organic, with no fillers, thickeners, salts, or sugar. You can find Baby Gourmet baby food pouches for sale at Walmart or on-line. The pouches sell for between $2.00-$3.00 each.

GoGo Squeez Apple StrawberryGoGo Sqeez applesauce pouches are another convenient, easy-to-carry food for runners or other athletes on the go.  They come in several varieties, including Apple Banana and Apple Strawberry. They contain about 60 calories and 14 g of carbohydrate in a 90 g package.  They are available at Walmart, Target, many grocery stores, and on-line. They sell for about $0.70-$1.00 per pouch.

What do you think of using baby food to run an ultramarathon? What types of foods have you used during races? Tell me in the comments.

Disclosure: I received some samples of Baby Gourmet pouches for evaluation.

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