How Much Would You Pay to Work Out?

Palmer House Fitness CenterI’m in Chicago this week on business. When I’m in the Windy City, I usually stay at the Palmer House.  It’s close to Lake Michigan and I like to run to Navy Pier and back. 

Today, it’s snowing in Chicago and I didn’t bring any outdoor running gear.  Unfortunately, the Fitness Center in the Palmer House (pictured above) isn’t free (unless you have Diamond status with Hilton).  The charge is $5 per day, which I think is very reasonable for a good fitness facility with a pool. 

How much would you pay to use a fitness center for a day?  What is your favorite hotel fitness center in Chicago or elsewhere?  Tell me in the comments.

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  1. easyrunner said: I think $5 is pretty fair. I wouldn’t go much beyond that. Knowing that running is free.
  2. bostonmarathon2012 said: Being from NYC 10-20 still is reasonable. 5 is cheap and wouldn’t give it a second thought
  3. mylifetheultimaterollercoaster said: That is a very reasonable price. I would pay up to $7
  4. how2runfast posted this

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