10 Things to Think About When Choosing a New Gym

GymI’m in the process of switching to a new gym. Here are some of the things I think about when picking a new place to work out.

1. Location - My old gym was 5 miles away. That doesn’t seem very far, but it wasn’t very convenient. As a result, I didn’t go there very often. The new gym I’m considering is 1.4 miles away and I drive by it all the time. Much more convenient.

2. Cost - Does it fit your budget? Could you buy some nice equipment for your home for the same amount of money?

3. Hours - The gym should be open when you want to use it. Ideally, it should be open 24 hours. Check to see how busy it is during the hours you are planning to use it.

4. Showers & Changing Facilities - If a gym is very close to your house, you may opt to shower at home. Otherwise, you probably want to check out the facilities to make sure they are clean, etc.

5. Cardio Equipment - What types of cardio equipment do they have? How many? Are they available when you plan to use them?

6. Weight Lifting Equipment - Do they have free weights, dumbbells, medicine balls, kettle bells, weight machines, etc.

7. Pool - If you plan to do some swimming or deep water running, do they have a pool?

8. Classes - Do they offer the types of classes you are interested in? What type of credentials do their instructors have?

9. Indoor Track - Most indoor tracks are too small to do much running on, but in bad weather this might be an option you are interested in.

10. People - Do you fit in with the other folks at the gym? Do you feel comfortable working out there?

What do you look for in a gym? Tell me in the comments.

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