Results of Running Shoe Price Survey

Recently, readers responded to a survey that I conducted to find out how much people are willing to spend on running shoes.  Here are the results:

Most people are willing to pay up to about $100 for a pair of running shoes, perhaps as much as $110.  Some people are bargain-hunters (I’m one of these) who wait for sales or check out the outlet stores for the lowest prices.  Others are willing to pay top dollar for the latest zero drop running shoes.

Where do you like to buy your running shoes: in a specialty running store, in a sporting goods store, in a outlet store, or on-line?  What do you do to save on running shoes?  Tell me in comments.

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  1. mar-kicksass said: I buy in a specialty running store. I asked for reccs, they gave me 4 shoes, and I only asked the price after I’d narrowed it down to 2 but could not decide. (I took the cheaper ones, Brooks, ~$110, and am very satisfied). :)
  2. eternalathlete said: If it’s a shoe I’ve never had before, I go to a specialty running store to make sure it fits well. If I’ve gotten the shoe before or a very similar one before, I’ll buy it online to try to save money
  3. philosophette said: I don’t mind getting mine from a retailer store or outlet, but I feel comfortable being fitted at a specialty running store.
  4. happyhealthyheidi said: I get mine at a running store. About $90-$100.
  5. how2runfast posted this

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