Treadmill Running Time Survey Results

Recently, readers responded to a survey that I conducted to find out how long they can run on a treadmill.  Here are the results:

More than 60% have run for over 90 minutes on the treadmill.  That’s impressive. 

Many people reported that listening to music, watching TV, or changing the speed and incline settings helped make long treadmill runs more enjoyable. Some folks looked out the window or used the time for meditation or daydreaming.  Others set specific goals of time, distance, or calories burned to help them get through a long run on the treadmill.

My neighbor, Randy, a veteran of the Boston, New York, and Berlin Marathons, reports that he once ran for 3 hours straight on a treadmill while watching two Charles Bronson movies back-to-back.

What other types of cardio equipment do you use and how do they compare to the treadmill?  Tell me in the comments.

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