3 Ways to Use Compression Socks

Shalane Flanagan - 2010 NYC MarathonRecently, compression socks have become very popular.  Some of their popularly is probably fueled by the use of compression socks by top runners like Chris Solinsky and Shalane Flanagan.

There are at least three ways to use compression socks.  Like Chris Solinsky and Shalane Flanagan, you can use them in races.  You can also wear them for training runs or put them on after your training runs (or races) to:

  • Improve blood flow
  • Provide additional support
  • Prevent injuries
  • Improve running performance
  • Speed recovery

I recently tried some CEP compression socks.  First, I wore them after a workout.  I could feel my muscles twitching under the compression socks.  It seemed like my calves were getting a massage.  I also wore them on a five mile run.  They felt comfortable and supportive.  I finished the run with one of my best times so far this season. Now I’m thinking about wearing them in my next race.

I can actually see using two pairs of compression socks, one to wear during workouts and races and one for recovery afterwards.  The recovery pair could be used for the next workout or race, then after they were both washed, the cycle could repeat.

Research conducted on compression socks at one of Germany’s largest universities  showed that the runners were able to run about 5% longer and 6 seconds per mile faster when wearing compression socks vs. their regular socks.  That’s a significant improvement. 

Have you tried compression socks?  What have the done for your running?  Tell me in the comments.

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CEP sent me a pair of compression socks for evaluation.

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  1. xtrememultisports said: I use Skins compression tights and tri shorts. I do like them. I feel that the tights do help with recovery when worn after your workout so I keep them on after my runs. Never used CEP but was always interested in them for calf compression.
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