Running Book Review: I Run, Therefore I am STILL Nuts

I Run, Therefore I am STILL NutsA little over 10 years ago, author and runner Bob Schwartz wrote a book called, I Run, Therefore I Am—Nuts!. It was an immediate success and is still very popular.  

This fall, Bob Schwartz and illustrator B.K. Taylor are back with a sequel called, I Run, Therefore I am STILL Nuts!.  It contains 42 chapters, each sharing Bob’s humorous take on an aspect of running, from whether (and how) you should acknowledge runners you encounter to the healing wonders of The Stick.

I enjoyed reading each of the stories in I Run, Therefore I am STILL Nuts!.  I saw myself and my running friends in many of them.  Throughout the book, Bob Schwartz pokes fun at himself and all the latest trends in running, from Tabata high-intensity interval workouts to yoga for runners. 

If you are looking for a gift for a runner in your life, I Run, Therefore I am STILL Nuts! is a great choice.  

Disclosure: I received a copy of “I Run, Therefore I am STILL Nuts” for review.

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