Can Ginger Extract Help Reduce Knee Pain?

Knee JointA study of 261 patients with moderate-to-severe pain from osteoarthritis of the knee showed that ginger extract helped to reduce their pain and increase their mobility.  I had arthroscopic knee surgery several years ago to repair a torn meniscus in my right knee.  The surgeon warned me that because I’m missing some of the cartilage in my knee, I’m more likely to get osteoarthritis in that knee. 

Since then, I’ve been taking a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement.  Research indicates that glucosamine, combined with chondroitin, can help to maintain (and possibly improve) the condition of damaged cartilage.  Glucosamine and chondroitin are natural substances found in and around the cells of cartilage.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a new product, Gingerflex, which combines ginger extract with glucosamine and chondroitin.  Although time will tell whether my knee will develop osteoarthritis, based on the evidence that we have today, Gingerflex has the best combination of ingredients to help protect it. 

Dr. Vijay Vad, author of the book ArthritisRx and physician at New York Cornell Hospital and the Hospital for Special Surgery recommends Gingerflex and mentioned it in a recent appearance on ABC’s “The View”.

Have you tried ginger extract or glucosamine/chondroitin?  Has it helped you?  Tell me in the comments.

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I received a sample of Gingerflex for evaluation.

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