Can Your Cell Phone Help You Lose Weight?

RunKeeper ProThere are several free smartphone apps that can help you to lose weight, track your progress, improve your fitness, and build a support network.

Here are a few that you might want to check out


MyFitnessPal provides a food and exercise diary, but also helps you to create a community of supporters by sharing information with your friends who use MyFitnessPal.  Although you don’t have to share your information, studies have shown that those who do lose 50% more weight.  MyFitnessPal users who share their progress with 10 or more friends lose an average of 20.5 pounds. MyFitnessPal is available for the iPhone and Android platforms.


FatSecret also allows you to record your food intake, using an extensive database of foods and their nutritional values.  It is available for the iPhone, Andrioid, and Blackberry platforms.  On the Android platform, there is an integrated barcode scanner that allows you to enter nutritional information by scanning a product’s barcode.

RunKeeper Pro

RunKeeper Pro allows you to record your runs, including time, distance, mapping, GPS tracking, heart rate, and other data.  You can also share your workouts with your friends.  RunKeeper Pro is available for the iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile platforms.


iMapMyRun allows you to log your workouts, map your runs, search for running routes near you, and share your favorite running routes with others.  It is available for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry platforms.

Have you used any of these apps to help you lose weight and get fit?  How do you like them? Tell me in the comments.

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