How to Turn Your iPhone into a Heart Rate Monitor

iMapMyRunA lot of people use their iPhone’s GPS capabilities to record their runs (or bike rides).  With some new accessories from Wahoo Fitness, you can monitor your heart rate, stride rate, or biking speed, cadence, and power output. 

To monitor your heart rate with your iPhone, you need Wahoo’s Fisica Sensor Key, which turns your iPhone into an ANT+ compatible receiver.  Once you have the Sensor Key, you need to match that with an ANT+ heart rate monitor strap

There are several iPhone apps that can help you to visualize the data from your heart rate monitor on your iPhone.  If you are already using the popular programs iMapMyRun or RunKeeper Pro, you are all set. 

Do you use your iPhone to record your workouts?  Have you tried the Wahoo Fitness sensors?  Tell me in the comments.

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