MapMyRUN Now Provides Healthy Diet Suggestions

MapMyRUN Nutrition Center

MapMyRUN, the popular smartphone app that allows you to record runs and share your favorite running routes, now has a Nutrition Center module that provides personalized suggestions on how you can improve your diet.

The MapMyRUN Nutrition Center provides:

  • Personalized Nutrition Dashboard that gives members a snapshot of their daily caloric budget, consumption and the amount of calories they’ve burned in their workouts
  • Daily Water Consumption Calculator
  • Food Log where members can record their meals and snacks and view a graphical representation of their daily food intake
  • Searchable database of thousands of foods based on USDA data
  • “My Favorites” component that gives members the ability to save frequently consumed foods for easy addition to their Food Logs.

MapMyRUN also provides a very accurate estimate of your calories burned, based on your exact workout and Body Mass Index. 

MapMyRUN is available for the Android, iPhone, and Blackberry platforms.  MapMyRUN is part of a family of apps that includes MapMyRIDE, MapMyWALK, MapMyHIKE, MapMyFITNESS, and MapMyTRI.

Have you used MapMyRUN and its Nutrition Center?  How does it work for you?  Tell me in the comments.

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