Take Care of Your IT Band

I realized a few weeks ago that I’ve had a problem with my IT band for several years.  I injured the outside of my left quad in a pickup volleyball game.  I jumped, landed, and felt a “pop” in my thigh.  Later, I noticed some numbness in the area just above my left knee.  I asked a doctor about it at the time, but he wasn’t able to diagnose the problem.

Then, a few weeks ago, I was corresponding with some readers about using a foam roll to help with IT band issues.  I realized that I had some of the symptoms of IT Band Syndrome.  My case was very mild, compared to others.  I didn’t have any pain and it didn’t keep me from running.  It felt more like muscle weakness on the outside of my left thigh. 

I started using a foam roll on it twice a day to loosen it up.  I found that it was painful and it took about two weeks for the pain to go away.  My right side was fine. Sometimes the left IT band can be stressed because it is on the low side of the road all the time, when we run facing traffic.  The left foot rolls outward, stretching the outside of the left thigh.  Now, I feel like I have more flexibility and can run with more confidence. I still use the foam roll daily for maintenance.

Have you had IT band problems?  What have you done to cure them? Tell me in the comments.

To see how to use a foam roll on your IT band, play the video below from Core Performance:

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