Men - How Do You Protect Your Nipples?

NipGuardsThis post is primarily for men, since women wear sports bras and don’t typically have this problem. 

Nipple chafing on long runs can be a painful problem and can result in very unsightly bleeding.  Specialized products such as NipGuards have been developed to prevent it.  NipGuards sell 10 pair for about $9, making them an expensive proposition for long distance runners.

Spot BandagesI use small, round spot bandages from my local CVS store, which sell at about $4 for 100 (50 pair), or less than 1/10 the price of NipGuards.

I have heard that some guys use BodyGlide, Vaseline, surgical tape, and even duct tape to protect themselves.

What do you use and why?  Tell me in the comments.

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