On the Road? Find a Running Trail and Explore!

Capital Crescent TrailThis week I was traveling with my family and was able to run on running trails in two different states.  It’s fun to explore new areas and it’s nice to get away from traffic, especially in areas you aren’t familiar with. 

The first trail I ran on was the Cross Country Trail in Plymouth Meeting, PA, outside Philadelphia.  Although this section of the trail wasn’t particularly scenic, it passed right by my hotel, so it was easy to get to. 

The second trail was the Capital Crescent Trail in the Washington, DC, area (pictured above).  This trail is very popular with runners, bikers, and walkers.  It runs for about 11 miles from Georgetown to Silver Spring, MD.

A good way to find running trails in a strange city is to search MapMyRun.  If you are running alone or in an unfamiliar area, please make sure you take appropriate precautions and stay safe.

What’s your favorite running trail, at home or on the road?  How did you find it? Tell me in the comments.

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