Are You a Heavy Sweater?

Sweaty GuyI sweat like a beast.  Literally. 

I remember being out on a 16 mile run on an unseasonably warm spring day.  About 12 miles in, I looked down and noticed that I had loads of white foam on my legs.  My first thought was that I had used too much detergent in the wash. Then I figured out that it was salt!  I was sweating like a racehorse.

I lose about 3 pounds an hour in sweat when I run in warm weather.  To keep from cramping, I use a variety of hydration packs to carry water or Gatorade with me. 

Fuel Belt 4Nathan Waist PackI have a Nathan Waist Pack that I use for shorter runs.  For longer runs, I use a Fuel Belt with 4 bottles.  If I’m running on a loop course, I will sometimes stash the Fuel Belt and trade it off for the Nathan Waist Pack midway through. 

Camelbak HyrdobakOn really long runs, where I need to carry everything with me, I use a “belt and suspenders” approach.  I use a Camelbak Hydrobak, which holds about 50 oz., in combination with the Fuel Belt.

Whatever you use, it’s important to make sure that they fit you well and that they don’t bounce too much when you run.  If you get a Camelbak-type unit, make sure that it comes with a chest strap.  You will need to tighten the shoulder straps as you drain the internal bladder to keep in snug on your back.

How much do you sweat?  What sort of hydration equipment do you use?  Tell me in the comments.

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