Clone Yourself for Faster Recovery

CEP Clone Compression Therapy GarmentsIf you have tried compression socks or sleeves to improve your running performance and help speed up your recovery from tough workouts, you might be interested in the new custom-fit CEP Clone compression therapy garment from CEP. 

By taking 41 exact measurements of your body, CEP is able to “clone” you and create a compression therapy suit that provides the optimal level of compression to accelerate your recovery. 

Two pairs of these custom-fit suits cost $240 for the thigh-high version and $290 for the waist-high tights.  CEP also provides a garment wash bag, a special detergent to wash the suits in, and some other accessories with each purchase. 

Josh Cox, American record-holder for the 50K was among the first athletes to try out these new compression therapy suits. Several top professional triathletes, including Andy Potts, Miranda Carfrae, Matt Reed, Joe Gambles, and Lesley Paterson are also using them.

Have you tried the CEP Clone compression suits?  Do you think they help your recovery?  Are they worth the money? Tell me in the comments.

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