Tiger Tail vs. The Stick

Tiger TailI picked up a Tiger Tail rolling muscle massager this weekend at the Boston Marathon Expo.  The Tiger Tail was first recommended to me by Kristen Lawrence, who ran a 2:59 at Boston to finish 77th in the 2010 Women’s race. Great job, Kristen!

When I saw the Tiger Tail booth at the Expo, I had to check it out.  The Tiger Tail is different from The Stick.  It is stiffer and doesn’t bend, allowing you to precisely target the areas that need massaging.  It doesn’t have segments like The Stick, which can pinch you and pull out your body hair.  It has a soft covering, similar to a foam roll, rather than the hard plastic segments of The Stick.

The shorter 18” Tiger Tail is very convenient for travel.  At about $25, it is also about $15 cheaper than The Stick.

Have you used the Tiger Tail?  Share your experience in the comments.

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