New Product - Injinji Compression Toesocks

Injinji Compression SocksIf you like Injinji’s toesocks and have been using them with compression sleeves, there is now another option available, Injinji Compression ToesocksInjinji toesocks are great for preventing blisters on long runs and are essential if you use Vibram FiveFingers shoes, but until now it was difficult to combine them with compression socks. 

You could get compression sleeves and wear them with your Injinji toesocks, but you had to buy the compression sleeves separately.  Now, you can keep your toes in their own individual pockets and get the improved performance, enhanced circulation, faster recovery that compression socks can provide, all in one package.  The Injinji Compression Toesocks are also priced less than comparable compression socks from Zensah or CEP

Have you tried Injinji Compression Toesocks?  What did you think?  Tell me in the comments.

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