Where’s Your Favorite Place to Run?

Singapore Botanic Garden Rainforest TrailI’m headed to Singapore soon and I’m looking forward to running in one of my favorite places the Rainforest Trail in Singapore’s Botanic Garden

Although you have to get up early to beat Singapore’s heat and humidity, the Botanic Garden is a beautiful place to run.  I used to live nearby and could run there from my apartment. 

The Rainforest’s 15 acres reportedly contain 314 species of plants and animals.  In the early morning, the strange sounds of the tropical insects and birds can be really spooky.

Update: I recently ran on the Rainforest Trail in Singapore’s Botanic Garden.  As sometimes happens in Singapore, it has been “improved” and it’s not quite the same.  What used to be a somewhat tricky trail with exposed banyan tree roots is now a smooth wooden boardwalk.  It’s great that the trail is now accessable to more people, including the handicapped, but as an old cross country runner, I miss the challenge of the old trail.

Where’s your favorite place to run and why?  Tell me in the comments.

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