Traveling? How to Find More Handheld Running Route Maps

Westin Harbour Castle Toronto Running MapRecently, I showed how to find handheld running route maps for over 90 cities in the U.S. and Canada, courtesy of Hyatt Hotels.  If you didn’t find a map for the city you are interested in, Westin Hotels also offers handheld running route maps for over 120 cities around the world. The Westin running maps are designed and certified by Runner’s World Magazine.

Here’s how to find them.  Copy the following into Google:

runningmap cityname filetype:pdf

Replace cityname with Toronto, or wherever you are staying and if there is a Westin running route map for your location, it should appear in the search results. Download the .pdf file, print it, and you’ve got yourself a handheld running route map. Give it a try!

Westin Hotels also offer their RunWESTINTM program, led by a Westin Hotel Running Concierge, which includes (weather permitting):

  • Scenic morning three-mile runs, three days a week
  • Warm-up session with stretching
  • Cool down towels and water
  • Walks instead of runs, per guest request
  • Jogging strollers at participating locations

Have you used Westin’s running route maps?  How do you like them?  Have you used the RunWESTIN program?  Are you a Westin Running Concierge? Tell me about it in the comments.

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